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  The Beetham Tower in Manchester is one of the tallest residential buildings in the UK outside of London. There it stands at the southwestern fringe of the City Centre, erecting its thin shape against the sky. The surrounding average city skyline reaches just about ten percent of the tower's height. This makes the 47-storey structure a widely visible landmark.   Despite its architectonic significance, the tower is received by the public with mild indifference, if not open animosity. This was my impression when I filmed the tower from several vantage points. Talking to passers-by during the process, I heard some quite strong opinions.   To no surprise, with a Hilton Hotel up to the 22nd floor and above 219 luxury residences, Beetham Tower isn't a place to go for average local residents. The last decade saw a renewed worldwide desire to build high. All these new skyscrapers reflect the ambitions behind them, big money, luxury, prestige - and a kind of aboveness.   The video will try to catch this mood in form of a fictive documentary, visually presented in triptych format and mashed up with a number of external media sources on architecture, technology, communication, lifestyle and more. All available under Creative Commons licences, free to adapt for new media art.   The shown short clip is a first expose, an alpha candidate which needs many revisions before the final timing and style is found.
References & External Links
Media sources   Internet Archive : Fantastic non-profit Internet Library. Almost all external media sources were found there.
My IA Selection : My bookmarks page at the Internet Archive   2008 : Contemporary Classical Music by Stefan Hetzel
Skyscraper : Song from short animation movie by Danish downbeat chillout producer Ganga
Design For Dreaming : Key Populuxe film from 1956, showing futuristic dream cars and Frigidaire's Kitchen of the Future
Genesis Chapter 11 (English) (French) (German) : Old Testament - The Tower of Babel
Principles In Liberty #31 : Political chat between Sanford Staab and Steve Pidgeon
Northern Architecture Podcast : On a walking tour through the centre of Newcastle on Tyne
  Creative Commons : Share, Remix, Reuse - Legally
Beetham Tower
  BeethamTower.org : Here you can learn about the Beetham Towers in England
Beetham Organization Ltd : Privately owned pioneering UK property development and investment company
On Wikipedia : Beetham Tower, Manchester
Artworks and concepts by Klaus-dieter Michel